Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of year field trip!!!!!

So today was the kid's end of year field trip and we went bowling! It was a blast. Kyle bowled at 102 and Chey bowled a 96 very close in scores. Kyle was the winner in our group so the next round everyone was out to beat him. LOL.. Kinda funny bad thing was we got to bowl our 2nd round till about game 5 and then it was time for us to leave. So Kyle won all the rounds because when we left he had the highest score on the board again. Just thought Id share the excitement we had today and show you a few pics I took of the field trip with the kids and there best friends. I will tell you the names of the kids that are in the pics. I will do the boys first. We have Aaron in the camo shirt, Travis in the blue shirt, Christian in the brown shirt and then we have Kyle. For the girls we have Savanah in stripes Skyler in polka dots and then we have Chey. These are the kid's best friends ... They all had a blast today and so did I.

Friday, May 16, 2008

You better sit down for this

So there I was laying in bed when all of a sudden I got a phone call. It happened to be my brother Eric calling me to tell me about his stupid fishing trip. Eric went deep sea fishing (with out me I might add) and then thought it was a good idea to call me and brag about it. Granted I would have done the same to him but still that is not the point. I guess I should back track a little so none of you out there in the fibers of time are confused. A few years ago I was minding my own business when I got a phone call.. It was my dad asking me if Eric could move in, I was single with 2 kids at the time and had enough room so I figured why not, that is what a good brother would do. So a few weeks after that Eric moved in and we became fishing buddies. We also became very competitive of each other and the fishing abilities the other person claimed they had. It was pretty cool cause now I had a "guide" that would fund all my fishing expeditions. Then all of a sudden Eric got a wild hair up his bum and decided to move to Oregon. Granted this was a very good move for him, you know to get back out in the world and re-discover himself but it really put a burdon on me. Now I no longer had a "guide" that would fund my fishing trips plus it is not very fun to fish alone and brag to yourself about the fish you just caught. Well anyway after he moved up to Oregon he was no longer allowed to fish because of the restrictions up there (HA HA take that Eric), he told me about his dream about going deap sea fishing and he was planning on doing it in August. I was planning on going up there in August to go deep sea fishing with him but no he decided to go because he had a day off and just happened to go to the ocean. This is just a perfect way for him to get even with me, I guess I was the one that started it since I went fishing and sent a pic of a fish I caught and was bragging that I went fishing and he couldn't, but that is not the point. The point here is.... well I forgot the point. I guess I will just have to get even with him when we go on our fishing trip down south. 21 days and counting!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Me and my Family

Hello! I decided I should start off will telling you about my family and I. I meet Suz about 3 years ago (I am a guy, I don't keep track of all the details). I have 2 kids, Sam and Kyle, and Suz has 3 Kids, Chey, Adam and Chloe and we have a child together Kolby. Our life together started out as any other relationship. We had our ups, our downs and my anal ways. We get along great and our kids get along good also (for the most part). We decided to have Suz and her kids move in to my house so we could save money (not having to pay for 2 places to live) and to give our kids a chance to be able to bond with each other. In the 2 years that she has lived with me (I am hoping that is how long it has been, I am kinda guessing) we have gotten alot closer, our kids have gotten alot more spoiled and we have gotten the upper hand on Mr. Debt (at least for now). In my eyes we have the perfect life! Eric lived with us for the first year we were together but he decided to pursue other adventures with his side kick Charlie. In the time we have been together we have had some pretty interesting events happen. Sam decided she wanted to live with her mother so she moved in with her, Adam was diagnosed with autism (still waiting more info on that) and the other kids found the buttons to push on each other to make them happy or extremely upset. I am currently working at American Express as a software developer contractor and I am really enjoying the experience and people, Suz is currently a stay at home mom but is keeping her eyes open for other activities (maybe PTA President LOL). She is getting into the scrap book thing and is getting really good it.

Sam is still in school and looking forward to being able to drive (if grades are good enough) and make her dad worry.

Chey just got back from Disney land and had the time of her life while she was there.

Kyle is getting into skate boarding and wants to join a hockey team this September.

Adam is learning how to read and loves it. He also loves the alphabet and can say it forwards, backwards and can sign it in sign language. He will also be starting in soccer here soon, he is excited about being able to play a sport.

Chloe is getting ready to go to Indiana with her dad and is very excited about it. She is also getting ready for kindergarten she will be starting in August she is very excited and can not wait to go to school with her big brothers and sisters...

Kolby has started walking, talking and getting into everything that is within his reach and loves every minute of it. Well that is my family!