Thursday, July 17, 2008

No more hair for Chloe !!!!

So yesterday we were sitting around and I decided I was going to do Chloes hair, she screamed and through a fit and ran the opposite way. So I got on the phone and called Dollar Cuts. Got her a apt yesterday and took her in and chopped off the hair. I got a side view pic and a frontal view pic but here is what it looks like now. They really wanted to donate her hair to locks of love but she was a inch off from having enough to donate. Maybe next year when I decide to cut it I will wait a little longer so we can donate it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Sad Sad Day

There we were enjoying some quiet time (something that does not happen here) when all of a sudden we got nailed with a rouge idea. After some counseling and lots of crying because of the nick name Jolene called Kolby we decided it was time.... It was time the mullet found another home, it was a very sad occasion, we first celebrated the mullet with Ice Cream and then we pulled out the shaver and CUT IT OFF, I didn't think I could do it at first but after a little bit of liquid courage I managed to get up the guts and I just did it, I cut the mullet, I couldn't believe I did it, at first I panicked a little and then I closed my eyes and off it went, at first it slowly fell to the grass but the more I cut the faster it fell, I felt like I was Edward Scissor Hands, pretty soon all of it was off and laid there on the grass looking up at me and saying why, why did I have to be cut off, why now, why me. All I could do was respond by saying Sorry, your Aunt Jolene made me do it, I didn't want to do it but she made me, it was all her fault. Well here are some before and after pictures of this sad event.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer fun, something in expensive to do crafty with the kids

Mini Pinatas!!

1. Collect four short paper tubes ( like the tp ones ). For legs cut two of the tubes in half. Tape the legs to a full-sized tube. If desired, fill the tubes with wrapped candy ( or leave them empty and use the mini pinata as a table decoration. Tape over the ends.

2. For the head, cut off the end of the fourth tube and tape it back on sideways. Tape the head to the body.

3. Wrap the pinata with masking tape. Shape the ears from teh tape.

4. Cover the pinata with crepe paper strips, add wiggly eyes

As soon as i get one done I will post a pic of it, I figured this would be fun for any kids of any age to do so I thought Id share have a great day!