Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kolby and sand, Oh my!

So since today we only had Kolby, ( which don't happen very often ) we decided to go up to pine view to have a little bit of fun. Well, he had a blast! He loves the water not to mention the sand. Brian brought his kayak but didn't pull it out. Kolby was having way to much fun in the sun today. He played in the water and the people next to us let him use some shovels in the sand. He had a great day. Thought I'd share with you all how much fun he had playing in the sand and in the water with mommy n daddy. He loves it when he is by himself with us because then he don't need to fight for attention. Although when school starts it will be just him and me during the day. YIPPEE!!!! Here are some of my favorite photos out of the 20 we took lol.